Become a Geometry Master online course has been taught by Krista King on Udemy, this course is an excellent way to With this course, you will learn everything from Geometry, then test your knowledge with 460+ practice questions.

Introduction to The Become a Geometry Master Course

This course is perfect for Current geometry students, or students about to start geometry who are looking to get ahead.
This course is for anyone who wants to study math for fun after being away from school for a while.
This course is perfect for homeschool parents looking for extra support with geometry.

After completing the course, you’ll
Be able to learn Logic and proofs, including conditionals and converses
Be able to Parallels and polygons, including interior and exterior angles
Be able to learn Three-dimensional geometry, including prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres
Be able to learn Shapes in space, including distance between points in space
Be able to Quadrilaterals, triangles, and circles, including calculations of angles, perimeter, and area
Be able to Transformations of figures, including translating, rotating, and reflecting
Be able to Triangle congruence, including SSS, ASA, SAS, AAS, HL, and CPCTC, plus the Pythagorean Theorem
Be able to Dilations and scale factors, including triangle similarity statements

Course Name: Become a Geometry Master
Description: Learn everything from Geometry, then test your knowledge with 460+ practice questions
Author: Krista King
Rating: As of 10/2020… 4.7 (1,392 ratings) and 15,879 students enrolled
Language: English
Includes: 8.5 hours of video, 87 articles, 149 downloadable resources, and 173 lectures
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access

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