Data Structures & Algorithms, Level-up Course(2021) online course has been taught by Prateek Narang and on Udemy, this course is an excellent way to be use Blender to create your own 3D animations.

Introduction to The Data Structures & Algorithms, Level-up Course(2021) Course

Students pursuing Computer Science or related fields
Developers who want to excel in problem solving skills & competitive coding
Beginner-Intermediate level programmers with basic knowledge of data structures
Students who know theory of data structures, but find hard to implement in problems

After completing the course, you’ll
Accelerate your algorithmic thinking
Learn to optimise brute force solutions
Learn to write complex codes
150+ carefully curated problems
Learn to apply data structures
Analysis of space-time complexity
Using C++ Standard Template Library
Sliding Window, Hashing, Maps & Sets
Master Dynamic Programming & Graphs
Become a 10x Problem Solver
BONUS : Build a LRU Cache
Practice Questions on all important topics

Course Name: Data Structures & Algorithms, Level-up Course(2021)
Description: The only course you need to master problem solving using Data Structures & Algorithms in C++
Author: Prateek Narang, Coding Minutes
Rating: As of 7/2020… 4.6 ( (919 ratings) and 5,498 students enrolled
Language: English
Includes: 28.5 hours of video, and 236 lectures
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access

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