Learn to be a macOS Command Line Ninja online course has been taught by Lee Dowthwaite on Udemy, this course is the complete beginner’s guide to gaining confidence with, and then mastering, the macOS Terminal and command line.

You’ll start with the very basics of what the Terminal actually is, how it relates to the rest of macOS, and the huge benefits of learning the command line.
Then you’ll be introduced to the file system and you’ll learn how to navigate around using the command line.
You’ll learn how to view and edit files directly in Terminal.
You’ll learn the basics of pattern matching so you can work with wildcards and search tools such as “grep”, which will make your workflow much more efficient.
From there you’ll see how to launch Terminal, how to understand the user interface, and how to run your first commands.
You will be comfortable using the command line, creating paths, manipulating files and searching and filtering data.
You’ll learn to work with files, creating, copying, moving and deleting files and directories.
Finally you’ll learn about I/O streams and redirection, and very powerful tools such as pipes and command line filters so you can sort and reorganise files and other data.

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